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How Does Electricity Work? The Answer Has Changed Over the Ages

[**Link**]( # From a mysterious natural phenomenon to a wonder of atomic science, the story of electricity is but the latest chapter in the story of humankind. Over the millennia, the phenomenon known as [electri

Indian Railways coaching stock

Indian Railways offers various travel classes on their coaches.

Is Your State School Really A Good Deal? Or, Man, I Wish This Were a Shitpost (for personal reasons)

For many people, going to their in-state flagship public university is a great way to get a solid education at a reasonable price. If you’re lucky enough to live in North Carolina, you’ve got a great program in UNC, and chances are you know it (but half of you still want to go to Duke, so it’s okay)

Business travel

Business travel is travel undertaken for work or business purposes, as opposed to other types of travel, such as for leisure purposes or regularly commuting between one's home and workplace.

naruto fanfic about expolring the naruto world and collecting/listing all jutus and kekki genki and more

there is a lot of spelling mistakes sorry i made this really quickly ​ Naruto book with rimurus devour ability and great sage Her backstory is she was a data scientist that was obsessed with collecting data in her of time she would collect and read manga and watch anime she also

Travel visa

A visa (from the Latin charta visa, meaning "paper that has been seen") is a conditional authorization granted by a polity to a foreigner that allows them to enter, remain within, or leave its territory.

Recommendations for good, hassle-free, OpenWRT-friendly travel routers, please?

I’m looking for a travel router which I initially want to use either as a wifi repeater or access point (connected by ethernet to the main router) to improve wifi access in part of a house. After this, I’ll take it with me when travelling. I’d like something that is secure and flexible out-of-the-bo

Mode of transport

Mode of transport is a term used to distinguish between different ways of transportation or transporting people or goods.

A lot of spells and abilities need to get the Aura trait for their emanations (list included)

(This problem appeared a few times before, and was recently brought up again due to the FoundryVTT PF2E devs adding support for aura effects. See also in the Paizo forums - [ Are the Bless and Bane spells intended to be auras?](


Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations.