Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

YSK: US app payments received totaling $600 or more in a year can be reported as taxable income

# Consult tax and accounting professionals regarding your income & tax situations, because I am not one. **TL;DR:** Payment Card and Third-Party Networks for the 2022 calendar year are now required to report $600+ in total transactions in a year as income via Form 1099-K for 2022 taxes, **unles

Crime prevention through environmental design

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is an agenda for manipulating the built environment to create safer neighborhoods.

Finally have a diagnosis for my mother's heart failure: Cardiac Amyloidosis.

Cardiac Amyloidosis is a rare protein disorder- it has caused a buildup of the proteins in her heart, causing it to stiffen and weaken/enlarge. And, the doctor is supposed to help her with getting financial assistance approve

Mixed-use development

Mixed use is a type of urban development, urban design, urban planning and/or a zoning classification that blends multiple uses, such as residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment, into one space, where those functions are to some degree physically and functionally integrated

SHFs hate this one simple trick...How to DRS shares from Fidelity Traditional 401k (up to $50,000 worth of shares at least) -> Take out a basic 401k loan (without taxes/penalties) and simply pay it back (plus interest, to yourself) within 5 years. Now "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass, You Jerks"

Title is pretty self explanatory and not complicated at all. If you have a Fidelity Traditional 401k/IRA, then you can take a personal loan of 50% of the value (up to $50,000) within a 12 month period. You can use that personal loan to buy more shares from ComputerShare directly. Within 5 years,

Office space planning

Office space planning is the process of organizing the workplace layout, furniture and office functions to work effectively together, while using space efficiently.

Spreadsheet - Family FIRE Dream - 30 year plan

Hi all, this is the latest version of our family FIRE spreadsheet (v1.2 now) and our contribution to the FIRE community - we've had some great support over the years which we are paying forward! 😀🥳[

Intel Plans to Cut Thousands of Jobs in Face of PC Slowdown

Intel Corp. is planning a major reduction in headcount, likely numbering in the thousands, to cut costs and cope with a sputtering personal-computer market, according to people with knowledge of the situation. The layoffs will be announced as early as this month, with the company planning to make