Barbecues and Grilling

Barbecues and Grilling

Barbecues and Grilling

The Barbecue of Belhalla

Read [here]( by [fayesdiary](/users/fayesdiary/pseuds/fayesdiary) Arvis celebrates Sigurd and his party's return to Grannvale by throwing a barbecue party. Words: 822, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English - Fandoms: [Fire Emblem Series](

Korean barbecue

Korean barbecue (Korean: 고기구이, gogi-gui, 'meat roast') is a popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling meat, typically beef, pork or chicken.


Barbecue or barbeque (informally BBQ in the UK, US, and Canada; barbie in Australia; and braai in South Africa) is a term used with significant regional and national variations to describe various cooking methods that use live fire and smoke to cook the food.

Regional variations of barbecue

Barbecue varies by the type of meat, sauce, rub, or other flavorings used, the point in barbecuing at which they are added, the role smoke plays, the equipment and fuel used, cooking temperature, and cooking time.

St. Louis–style barbecue


Barbecue grill

A barbecue grill or barbeque grill (known as a barbecue or barbie in Australia and New Zealand) is a device that cooks food by applying heat from below.