Google Apprenticeship 2023 U.S.

This years Applications have opened for the U.S. locations. I created this thread for those who applied and those who are interested in applying. You guys will be able to post any updates you received, questions, tips, experiences, or if you just want to be encouraging and show your support for othe

Educational theory of apprenticeship

The apprentice perspective is an educational theory of apprenticeship concerning the process of learning through physical integration into the practices associated with the subject, such as workplace training.

Google apprenticeships

Hey! I have just applied for a digital marketing apprenticeship at Google. I’m super anxious about it, as I want to get it so badly! Can anyone tell me about roughly when I can expect a response regarding my application? And also what sort of questions I could expect in an interview


Apprenticeship is a system for training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading).

Google apprenticeships 2023 ACCEPTANCE (U.S)

Hey so I made this thread so people who are looking for any updates or have heard from Google can come directly here. So for questionnaires, interviews, time lines, basically any updates that could help us. LOL. Here is another thread for this year’s apprenticeship so you can get even more informa

Apprenticeship in the United States

Apprenticeship programs in the United States are regulated by the Smith–Hughes Act (1917), The National Industrial Recovery Act (1933), and National Apprenticeship Act, also known as the "Fitzgerald Act."The number of American apprentices has increased from 375,000 in 2014 to 500,000 in 2016, while

Anyone know about getting apprenticeships?

Not sure if this is allowed here but basically I finished school last year. Did okay on the oul LC but school was never my forte. I always loved working and getting hands on. So I started working after. Now that it’s coming up on a year since I finished and I’ve gained some experience in the real wo

Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is a UK tax on employers which is used to fund apprenticeship training.

Diesel mechanic apprenticeships

Looking to get a diesel mechanic apprenticeship in MN, looking at local places and have a few places asking for interviews. I’m a Vehicle mechanic with the MN national guard, wondering what the atmosphere would be like and if it’s worth going apprenticeship route or to trade school (I’ve never been

Apprenticeship in Germany

Apprenticeships are part of Germany's dual education system, and as such form an integral part of many people's working life.