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Language Learning

Language Learning

Amazing ressource

For those of you who study Hebrew, I just wanted to share one my main resources to learn : [\_torah/html/Language/Hebrew%20Language%20Learning%20Pack%20%28Updated%29/01%20Audio%20Courses%2C%20Textbooks%2C%20Manuals/01%20Colloquial%20Hebrew.pdf](https://

Daniel A. Wagner

Daniel A. Wagner is the UNESCO Chair in Learning and Literacy, and professor of education at the University of Pennsylvania, where his research specializes in learning, literacy, child development, educational technologies, and international educational development.

Playlist for language learning techniques

Hello everyone, My friend implemented Feynman methods to language learning. She tried to create a helpful framework for how to learn a new language. She is linguistic student from Turkey. I hope it will be helpful for new learners. She created this for our platform Jooseph which is basically playli

Higher education in Canada

Higher education in Canada includes provincial, territorial, indigenous and military higher education systems.

Megathread for Resources

#Resources ##Reading, Writing and Speaking [Malay Alphabet]( [Forvo - Malay Pronunciation Dictionary]( ***** ***** ##Dictionaries [Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu - Centre of Reference for Malay Letters](http://p

Child care

Child care, otherwise known as day care, is the care and supervision of a child or multiple children at a time, whose ages range from two weeks of age to 18 years.

Do you have any affixes with a bizarrely high amount of word in them like "-able/-ible" in English?

There are about [1,100](,have%20to%20learn%20individual%20words) words in English that have some version of the -able affix in them. That is bizarrely high for how important the affix would seem in a vacuum

Big US navy online language resource listing

[Here]( It's from 2018, so quite a lot is current. Some sites that are down are still available via the wayback machine (ie at least some of celtie).