Which sites are recommended for finding apartments in Phoenix?

I’m new here. Thanks

Penthouse apartment

A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium, hotel or tower.

Apartments you actually love living at

Hi!! Does anyone live in an apartment they can actually recommend? Quiet, no dog poop in the halls 😫, good parking, nice pool, safe, things around it. Every apartment complex I look at has awful reviews. Preferable +\- 20 minutes from Lake Ivanhoe area. College Park, Baldwin Park, Sanford, Lake M

The Apartments

The Apartments are an Australian indie band formed in 1978 in Brisbane, Queensland.

How are you guys affording apartments these days?

I've owned a home for 12 years but I'll see apartment listings online and I just can't believe how expensive the rents are for shitty/small apartments. Salaries have not increased in 20 years and I just don't understand how people are getting by. Out of curiosity, how much of your income goes to you

Mid-America Apartment Communities

Mid-America Apartment Communities (MAA) is a publicly traded real estate investment trust based in Memphis, Tennessee that invests in apartments in the Southeastern United States and the Southwestern United States.As of December 31, 2020, the company owned 300 apartment communities containing 100,49

Anyone else having an especially tough time finding reasonable apartments this year?

I feel like in the past couple years apartments were still pretty reasonably priced and not too hard to come by, but this year feels different. I know it's due to a combination of factors, but it feels like rent prices are climbing at a crazy rate compared to years past. A few of my friends have ha


An apartment (American English), flat (British English, Indian English, South African English), or unit (Australian English), is a self-contained housing unit (a type of residential real estate) that occupies part of a building, generally on a single storey.

New Apartments Megathread?

How would we all feel about a monthly pinned thread to talk about apartment experiences? Lots of people here are renting and looking to rent.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace (UK: ) is a London royal residence and the administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom.