Religious homeschooling

Homeschooling in Canada

In Canada, homeschooling has increased in popularity since the advent of the 21st century.

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Rant from a local homeschooling group

These are all reasonable expectations to have for kids their age. It’s ridiculous seeing how entitled she is and expects the teacher to give 1-1 attention to her child to make sure she does her work. And also blames the teachers for her kids not asking for help.

Homeschooling in the United States

Homeschooling constitutes the education of about 3.4% of U.S. students (approximately two million students) as of 2012.

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I think homeschooling should be the norm

I believe that homeschooling should be the norm, it should be the first option for education. Homeschooled children tend to be better educated than their public school peers, they have more option to learn at a natural pace and also tend to be better at socializing with people of all age groups rath

Classical education

Classical education may refer to:

The Real "Pros Vs Cons" to Homeschooling

I was hoping to get some real people with real experience sharing their stories. I don't know anyone in real life to even consider this, let alone do it, so I'm hoping to find someone on here! Thanks! Edit: I'm very glad I asked! I never even thought about some of these things! I appreciate every

Homeschooling international status and statistics

Homeschooling is illegal in many countries.

How do you feel about homeschooling?

First off, I am not a teacher. Just a curious bystander. I want to know how you, as teachers, feel about homeschooling. I was homeschooled my entire childhood and teenage years, and know a lot of people who were homeschooled, and I personally think there are very very few cases where homeschooling


Homeschooling or home schooling, also known as home education or elective home education (EHE), is the education of school-aged children at home or a variety of places other than a school.