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Dining Out

Dining Out

Japan Travel, COVID-19, And You: Tourism Information & News Update Thread - July 2022

##**July 2022 - With the election complete, [there is still no indication on when solo tourism will resume as the 7th Wave begins in Japan.](https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2022/07/10/national/fumio-kishida-fresh-mandate/) If you have a trip booked to depart in the next 60 days, please contact you

6 Inch Poly Blend Squeegee - Yellow

This squeegee has a ribbed profile with radial corners made out of a poly-flow blend. With a medium flex and high glide, this squeegee creates easy smooth usage Sharper, I.M. injection molded edge Ideal for use on vinyl, film, graphics, tape, and silk screen Ideal for pressure-sensitive sign applica

Japan Travel, COVID-19, And You: Tourism Information & News Update Thread - June 2022

##**June 2022 - Limited Resumption of Tourism has begun: Small pre-booked & guided tour groups will be able to enter as of June 10th, and are available to the public for purchase [from official tour agencies.](https://www.jnto.go.jp/) At this time, there is no indication on when solo tourism wil

5pc Buckley Dining Set Beige - HOMES: Inside + Out

Bringing earthy elements into a sophisticated design, this five-piece dining table set is perfect for a refined breakfast nook or elegant dining room. The table is a true showstopper with a genuine white marble round resting atop a carved pedestal base in a rich antique black finish that delivers be

Help a grad student budget for food?

Hey, I was wondering how graduate students budget food and why my food budget seems so insane. Being in my early 20's I do (unfortunately) have to eat 3 meals a day. I also don't have a ton of time to meal prep every meal, but I do what I can. Here's what I have been allocating on a weekly basis:

Frainio Round Dining Table White - HOMES: Inside + Out

Elegant and charming, this round dining table the Frainio collection lends a cottage chic vibe with an antique white finish frame and pedestal base. Pair this table alongside French country decor in a rustic style dining room to add some bright cheerfulness. Additionally, this table offers a white-w

Where can I eat gluten free?

I'm taking my Gf to Singapore and she is a coeliac and can't eat gluten. Are there any places that specialise in creating gluten free goodness? I know Singaporeans love their food.

Kennegad Round Dining Table White - HOMES: Inside + Out

This dining room table is an elegant addition to a traditional home decor. Its round, faux marble top contrasts beautifully with an elegantly turned pedestal white wood base that features sinuous curving legs as a charming accent. This eco-friendly frame is constructed from rubberwood, a tropical, s

The Shadow

**I had some terrifying experiences as a child, and I figured this would be the place to tell my story:** When I was fourteen, I was visiting my grandmother’s house when my little cousin began dragging me upstairs. She asked me if I wanted to go into the secret room. Strangely, I felt a chill run u

Hepburn Rectangular Dining Table Black - HOMES: Inside + Out

Hold a feast on a Norse style dining table. Rich and rustic with a subtle touch of glamour, this antique black dining table is a stylish dining room upgrade. The tabletop is a rural plank style. Its expansive, rectangular top is supported by a sturdy and striking trestle base for superior durability