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Fine Art

[Hiring] Ratfolk Gunslinger D&D Portrait

Hey everybody! ​ I'm looking to get a portrait done of my girlfriend's favorite D&D character for her birthday, Strrt Ratsome. He's kind of a smelly guy who doesn't know what a bath is, has a terrible Brooklyn accent, and is part of a criminal organization with his best friend, Pica

Leonhard Haeger

Leonhard Haeger (1867–1977) was an architect in the United States.

x PacSun Fine Art Sketch Crew Neck Sweatshirt

PacSun exclusive! Cozy up in artistic elegance with The Met x PacSun Fine Art Sketch Crew Neck Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt seamlessly merges the world of fine art and comfort, showcasing a sketch-inspired graphic of The Met. Ideal for those who appreciate both style and culture, this crew neck sweat

Got this in a thrift store for €10

Jamal Bakhshpour

Jamal Bakhshpour (Persian: جمال بخش‌‌پور; 15 September 1944 in Tabriz, Iran – 21 June 2015 in Cologne, Germany) was a contemporary Iranian painter.

Feeling Fine Gold Ring

Feel the richness and show off your cuteness with this trendy and cute gold ring. Whether it's a statement piece or for every day, Feeling Fine Gold Ring is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection! This ring features a gold chain-link design, a slip-on style, and an adjustable band. • Import

Fine Artwork Seen in Canon?

What are some great fine art pieces within the canon galaxy you can think of? I mean the art in the fictitious story's universe that has meaning to characters. The art that the characters create or appreciate, not the fine film art the lighting technicians, choreographers, or cinematographers creat

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (Polish: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im.

Helmut Lang Fine Gauge Crewneck Sweater in Ivory

Helmut Lang Fine Gauge Crewneck Sweater in Ivory 60% viscose 37% polyester 3% other fibers. Made in China. Dry clean. Tonal raised Helmut Lang logo at chest. Lightweight knit fabric with ribbed trim and contrast striping at sleeves. HLAN-MK26. N09HM705. About the designer: Established in 1986, Helmu

Legal question from a foreigner visiting California

Hi. Please tell me how to try to comply the best with the american laws while flying. I don't want to mess the FPV reputation up while visiting. I'm i San Francisco. I figured the way for fly legally here is: \- Take of from a state park or private property with a permission from property owner

Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Lee Carlton (born August 16, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Fine-wale corduroy shirt

Shop for the Fine-wale corduroy shirt for men. Find the best selection of men mens-categories-clothing-shirts-corduroy available in-stores and on line.

How to get "fine art" lighting?

I recently came across [this shot]( in a blog post, and was blown away by it, the lighting, look, feel, and would love to know how to get this "fine art" look myself. Most of my B&W conversions in lightroom/PS are "me

Pazyryk burials

The Pazyryk burials are a number of Scythian (Saka) Iron Age tombs found in the Pazyryk Valley and the Ukok plateau in the Altai Mountains, Siberia, south of the modern city of Novosibirsk, Russia; the site is close to the borders with China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Bare Magnolia Eau de Parfum

This softness becomes you. A creamy extension of the original, Bare Magnolia Eau De Parfum borrows Bare’s blend of proprietary musks to mix with your body chemistry for a unique, lasting signature. The fragrance opens with the bright, yet delicate bloom of orange flower. This upcycled extract is res