College Education

College Education

College Education

student loans are with Canadian Bank, school is eligible, can I deduct interest on US Taxes?

Hello all. I am a Canadian that is living and working in USA for the last 3 years. I just learned , now that I am full resident for tax purposes, that you can deduct the interest you paid on your student loans on your taxes. Normally this is done through the 1098-E form. but my canadian bank doesn

List of colleges of education in Ghana

In 2017, there were 40+ colleges of education in Ghana, up from 38 in 2015.

NASBA upholds the 150 credit hour CPA requirement

Nothing like keeping the Ponzi scheme of a college education going then forcing potential CPAs to stay in school. I swear these last few classes are the biggest waste of my life. I love paying colleges thousands of dollars so they can tell me I'm a victim and must write papers to describe how victim


A college (Latin: collegium) is an educational institution or a constituent part of one.

Alabama governor sends education dollars to water park

# [Alabama governor sends education dollars to water park]( From afar, the Montgomery Whitewater rafting park under construction near Maxwell Air Force Base might look like a tourist

Bhawanipur Education Society College

Bhawanipur Education Society College (or Bhawanipur College) is a private, co-educational, undergraduate college affiliated with the University of Calcutta in Kolkata, India.

Lockdowns cost money and we are all paying the price. Its so shocking how striking public sector workers can not understand this

In the UK where I live Doctors and nurses working in the NHS have been going out strike throughout the past couple of months over pay. The nursing union The Royal College Of Nursing has demanded the British government give them a pay rise of 19% and the union members have rejected the government pa

Tyler Junior College

Tyler Junior College (TJC) is a public community college in Tyler, Texas.

Red states cut teacher pay, defund public education, and ban books

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List of Indian engineering colleges before Independence

The impulse for creation of centres of technical training came from the British rulers of India, and it arose out of the necessity for the training of overseers for construction and maintenance of public buildings, roads, canals, and ports, and for the training of artisans and craftsmen for the use